Anupama 20th May 2024 Written Update

Anupama 20th May 2024 Written Update is out and here we Have Provided The Anupama Written Update For You ✔✔✔.

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Anupama Written Update 20th May 2024 Episode

Is something going to happen? In the Anupama Upcoming episode on 20th May 2024, let us tell you the whole story in detail, but before that please share this post and Join our Groups quickly so and get the latest updates on Anupama fast.

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Anupama 20th May 2024 Written Update

Anupama 20th May 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on

Toshu asks his friends to have food. He asks Vikram if we shall dip the sandwich in the coffee and asks him to bring sauce. Suddenly the water falls on Toshu and he gets up and scolds Vikram for wetting his clothes. Anupama gets angry and throws water on his face.

Kavya and Dimpy are talking. Dimpy likes the gift brought by Titu. Kavya recalls Vanraj’s love for her and gets teary eyes. She says she just wants him to accept Mahi. Dimpy says he will receive her. Kavya asks her to select what makeup to be done. Dimpy says you are so good at doing make up and asks her to do it as a side business and learn professional make-up. They see Anupama’s photo in the newspaper as sent by someone and get happy. Kavya hopes Toshu don’t ruin her happiness.

Toshu asks if you are in your senses. Anupama says I threw water on your face to bring you in conscience. He says stop it. She says yesterday I apologized to the customer on your behalf, and today you were scolding Vikram for a similar mistake. She tells him that Vikram is the head chef here and she works under him, and she had become chef due to him.

She said that Yashdeep Sir is the owner of the restaurant and he gave me a partnership. She brings his waiter jacket and asks him to wear it. She tells his friends that he is a waiter here. She asks him to apologize to Yashdeep, Vikram and Rahul for misbehaviour and insult.

He apologizes to them. She asks his friends to come there as customers with their families, and if they come to meet Toshu then come in his break time. They say ok and leave. Anupama asks him to pick the untouched food to give to homeless people, and the half-eaten food to the birds and animals, and asks him to wrap his sandwich and keep it for his lunch. Toshu picks the food and goes. Anupama says food will not be wasted here. Toshu vents out his anger and cries. He gets revengeful.

Anupama apologizes to Vikram, Rahul and Yashdeep and says don’t bear his misbehaviour and insult. She asks Yashdeep to fire him if he wants to. She apologizes to him. Yashdeep says it’s ok Anupama ji. He signs the staff to go. Anupama says I think that he will become good, as he has responsibility for Kinjal and Pari. Yashdeep hopes Toshu mends his ways.

He asks her to give him sweets and says your news is published in the newspaper. Yashdeep informs her that the food critic is coming the day after tomorrow, and says if we get good ratings/ reviews then our restaurant will be famous. He says you have to handle it, as I have bank work. Anupama says ok. She asks when he is coming. He says the day after tomorrow. Anupama thinks Choti’s birthday is on that day, and thinks she will pass in the test.

Babu ji says that they shall get the card printed to keep in front of God. Vanraj says there is still so much time. Ishu asks when Ansh will call him Papa, and then what we will call him. Vanraj says uncle and tells that Ansh will call her uncle.

Toshu comes home and disturbs Kinjal, the client ends the call. Kinjal says it was her first project. Toshu says you both are the same and says that Anupama’s popularity will go soon. He says the trophy will go and the time will change, when she falls then he will not let her come. Kinjal says enough, don’t talk nonsense. He says he will own the big restaurant one day and leave Anupama behind in success and popularity. Kinjal is shocked.

Kavya gets course details and tells Baa and others that she is doing a course for skin treatment etc. Everyone gives their best wishes. The kids you can make anyone pretty. Kavya thanks her. Ansh says ice cream time. Pakhi taunts Kavya. Kavya says people will contact me once my show clicks. Babu Ji motivates her to have a parlour one day. Vanraj says it is all a dream. Kavya says every truth starts with a dream and says if Anupama can do it then why can’t I? Vanraj says since Anupama became a waiter, you wanted to do a manicure and pedicure and says Anupama will have a downfall.

Later, the food critic comes and tastes the dishes. He likes the dish and says it is mind-blowing. He says everything is amazing and gives the highest rating and that the food was presented in American style. Everyone is happy. It turns out to be Anupama’s dream. She asks Kanha ji to fulfil her dream. She dances and makes food in the kitchen.

Anuj comes there and sees her dancing. She throws the spoon accidentally while dancing and Anuj catches it. Anupama says sorry. Anuj asks her to continue her happy dancing. Anupama tells him that on Choti’s birthday, a food critic is coming to her restaurant. He says you will get a good rating. He asks her to continue dancing and goes. Anupama dances and makes food.

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Precap: Anupama serves the dish to the critics, and says it is undhiyu biryani. The critic finds a cockroach in the biryani and complains. She says Anupama Joshi, you are finished. The people take away the trophy and the restaurant gets locked.

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Anupama 20th May 2024 Episode Written Update

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